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Academic year



Academic year

Term 1

98% yes

Term 1

96.8% sad

Term 2

95.9% smiley

Term 2

95.1% frown

105 children achieved 100% attendance in the Autumn Term


77 children achieved 100% attendance in the Autumn Term.


Term 3

95.3% crying

Term 3

96.2% smiley

Term 4

96.2% sad

Term 4

96.9% yes

131 children achieved 100% attendance in the Spring Term.


126 children achieved 100% attendance in the Spring Term.


Term 5

95.3% yes

Term 5

95.3% smiley

Term 6

95.2% laugh


115 children achieved 100% attendance in the Summer Term



Full year attendance

95.9% wink


27 children achieved 100% attendance for the whole school year  
Well done to all our children and their families for sustaining last years amazing improvement in attendance.  

Class attendance awards          

Each week the class with the highest overall attendance for that week will be presented with a trophy in celebration assembly. There will be a poster in the window of the winning class so that parents can see how well they have done. Why not talk to your child about this and use it to encourage them on the days they might not be feeling too enthusiastic about coming to school?

Termly attendance awards

Last year 27 children achieved 100% attendance and received their certificate which they should be very proud of. But did you know we had a further 25 children who were absent for only 1 day or less? This is still a fantastic attendance record and to make sure we encourage them to keep it up we will continue to present 100% awards at the end of each term, giving each child 3 chances to reach the magic number. Children who achieve 100% for the entire year will still receive a special award at the end of the summer term.

The 24 hour rule

Don’t forget your child can come back to school 24 hours after their last episode of sickness or diarrhoea as long as you think they are well enough. We know children often ‘bounce back’ far more quickly than adults.

Absence follow up

We will continue to send texts if we have not received a message explaining why your child is absent. When absence levels are causing concern we may phone or write to you to see if we can help you to reverse the trend. Although we know that illness is unavoidable we may need to ask for evidence of doctors’ appointments if your child has very high levels of sickness absence.

Listed below are the periods of absence which will be reported to the Local Authority; they make the decision on what further action they will take, under the revised school attendance laws.

  • 10 sessions of unauthorised absence in the last 6 weeks (a session is half a day, am/pm)

  • 5 consecutive days unauthorised absence

  • An accumulation of unauthorised absence leading to an attendance of 85% or less over the course of the school year

  • Please click HERE for the Local Authority's Code of Conduct under the Provision of The Education (Penalty Notices) Regulation 2004 and Subsection (1) Section 23 Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003

What happens when the school is forced to close?

There are rare occasions when we have to close to pupils; these may be because of severe weather conditions or other factors outside our control. We will do our best not to close, but if we have to, these days will not count towards children’s absence figures. We treat regular attendance very seriously and don’t make the decision to close lightly. On most occasions when school is closed to children, staff are still expected to come to work unless it is unsafe for them to do so.


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