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Year 1 Autumn Term curriculum information - please click on the button above.

Curriculum Evening Presentation:  Many parents attend these useful information sessions, however, if you missed out on this opportunity, please find links to the presentations below:

Key Stage 1 Presentation

High Frequency Words:   Please click here to be directed to a list of high frequency words to be learnt in Years 1 & 2.

Number Formation 

Letter Formation

Please click on the images below for games and information connected to the curriculum


          Choose Phase 2, 3 or 4                        Follow the instructions and learn to
                                                                     find 1 more than a number

            Name face features                                Select 'human' and label the body



         Click on bodyparts                                     Addition to 5 with pictures to help



  Addition to 10 with pictures to help                                   Double Numbers



         Number Bonds for 10                                   Choose this week's sound!



Select Writing a Recount (Debbie Jones)                       Visit Barnaby Bear in France
      to learn how to write a recount
 Alphablocks - phonics - keep learning        Try reading the sentences and maybe
     and blending sounds              add some words of your own like first, then or next
         Learn the days of the week!                                      Learn about Diwali
                Alphabetical Order                                          Spell CVC Words
                Numbers +10                                 Addition - click on the lily pad to make
                                                                    the frog jump along the number line
       Louis Braille Downloadable Activities                          Select a shape game
       2D Shapes Claire Mackay                                         Internet Safety
Encourage children to explore the web page using                     Order Numbers
  the different areas - stories, scrapbook, games
                     and photo album
   Literacy - complete instructions section                         Science - Electricity
                Science - Electricity                                  Science - Light and Dark
   Money Page - Choose any of the games!                   Think of some amazing adjectives
         Keep using Phonics Play!                                          Light and Shadows
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