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Hot dinners - frequently asked questions

On this page we will try to answer some of the parental concerns and queries that we are aware of. If there is a question you would like to ask you can call into the office, email us, telephone or use the suggestion box in the foyer. We're always happy to help and we will update this page as often as we have a new question to answer. 

Query Answer
I won’t be able to monitor what my child is eating if they don’t bring a lunch box

Each class will have their own dedicated lunch supervisor who will keep an eye on what the children are eating. If your child is not eating a balanced meal or really dislikes some foods we’ll let you know

We already have a hot meal in the evening and we’re concerned that two hot meals a day is too much for a child Both the hot meal and packed lunch options are nutritionally balanced to ensure that children are given the right number of calories for lunch. Some parents are surprised to find out that a packed lunch can contain more calories and is more reliant on refined products than natural carbohydrates which provide vitamins, minerals, and fibre which have important health benefits




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