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Good attendance and punctuality is really important to ensure that children make the best progress at school. If you are struggling with this area of school life you can call in to speak to our family support worker who may be able to help. 

You can find out more about attendance expectations by reading the attendance policy on our policy documents page


The 24 hour rule

Don’t forget your child can come back to school 24 hours after their last episode of sickness or diarrhoea as long as you think they are well enough. We know children often ‘bounce back’ far more quickly than adults.

What happens when the school is forced to close?

There are rare occasions when we have to close to pupils; these may be because of severe weather conditions or other factors outside our control. We will do our best not to close, but if we have to, these days will not count towards children’s absence figures. We treat regular attendance very seriously and don’t make the decision to close lightly. On most occasions when school is closed to children, staff are still expected to come to work unless it is unsafe for them to do so.


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