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What's on

What's On


22nd           World thinking day (Rainbows/Brownies)

26th             4.30-7.30pm Parent Consultations

28th - 7th     Book Fair

MARCH 2018

1st              World Book Day~ dress up

1st              3.30-6.30pm Parent Consultations

2nd             Men at Millbrook 2.40pm ~ storytime

8th             Class 9 Assembly 2.40pm

5th              2:45pm Year R open book time

6th              2:45pm Year 1 open book time

8th              Discos for Year 1 and 2

9th              2:45pm Year 2 open book time

16th            2:45pm Parent Voice Forum (PVF)

27th            Class Photograph day           

22nd            2.15 Year 1 Concert

23rd             9.30 Year 1 Concert         

23rd             Sport Relief mufti day

28th             Easter service; Christ the King (children)

28th             School closes 3.10pm - EASTER

29th             Staff Training Day

APRIL 2018     

16th             School Opens to children

26th             3.00 pm Year R Cake stall

27th             3.10pm Year R film time


MAY 2017

4th               3.10pm Year 1 & 2 film time

7th               May Day Bank Holiday

10th             Class 1 Assembly 2.40pm

14th             2:45pm Year 1 open book time

15th             2:45pm Year 2 open book time

16th             2:45pm Year R open book time

17th             Class 4 Assembly 2.40pm

18th             2:45pm Parent Voice Forum (PVF)

24th             Class 8 Assembly 2.40pm

25th             School closes 3.10pm - HALF TERM

JUNE 2018

4th              School Opens 

8th              Mufti Day for Millwheeler’s Summer Fair

13th             6.30/8.00 pm New Parents Evening

18th/19th     Pre school sing along sessions

22nd            SUMMER FAIR to be confirmed

28th            Class 7 Assembly 2.40pm

JULY 2018

6th              9.00 am Parent Voice Forum (PVF)

6th              Reports to parents

9th              All Change afternoon—to be confirmed

12th            3.10pm Open classes/return reports

12th            2.15pm Year 2 Concert

13th            9.30am Year 2 Concert

18th            5.00—6.15pm Yr2 Leavers Entertainment

19th            School Closes 3.10pm

Sports days - to be advised

Sometimes dates may have to be changed. We will try our best to keep to the dates given here and let you know of any changes as soon as we can.
















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